Our chairs are not only modern design, but impeccable quality and proven ergonomics.

We operate on the market since the year 2003, many years of experience in management team, enabled the rapid development of the company. We provide you with high -quality office chairs, laboratory , conference chairs , cafe , contractual and swivel chairs.
We have a numbers of customers both in our country and abroad.
The manufacturer of office chairs MJ Design is constantly expanding markets trying to win your favor. Tempting with price, quality , fast response , short delivery time of goods and professional service .



Office swivel chairs

Different patterns, large variety of colors, elegant style, as well as high functionality is what is the most appreciated about solid, yet inexpensive swivel office models, equipped with e.g. pneumatic lift.

Ergonomic conference chairs

Elegantly simple conference solutions have been designed to meet various expectations of MJ Design company Clients. Their exceptionally rich choice of colors, styles, forms is always combined with the highest quality.

Laboratory stools

In every laboratory amongst the most important aspects are functionality combined with durability and ergonomics of each and every element and equipment. That is why our laboratory stools are so popular and widely appreciated.

For cafes

Café is one of the places where interesting design, which catches the customer’s eyes and creates unique atmosphere, should or even must be combined with comfort. MJ Design ergonomic chairs fulfill such demands.

Product lines

The most amazing thing about Ozyrys, Ramzes and other product lines included in our offer, is their universal design making them perfect for an office, restaurant, private space as well as numerous other places.

Contract furniture

Each contract, office swivel chair has been designed by our company specialists in order to guarantee the highest comfort. Wide backrest, big seat comes together with elegant design and durability of every model.